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True Nature Meditations

Meditation Coach | Shane McDermott

Meet Your Coach

Welcome to True Nature Meditations!

Born from the extraordinary beauty and power I have experienced over many years of interacting with the natural world through the art of photography, these meditations have for me, been a transformative experience of self-discovery.

My primary exploration has been the luminous landscapes of my internal experiences. Through the light of consciousness, I have traversed the inner and outer worlds of my experiences. The many magical encounters I’ve had with the wild places and faces of our great planet have provided powerful ways for me to learn about myself and my connection with the world around me.

A fundamental inquiry lies at the heart of my passion for nature: is it possible to see and experience the beauty of nature in ways that transcend the habitual judgments of my analytical mind and ordinary ways of perceiving reality?

Over time, the truth of nature has revealed to me my true nature and natural state of being.

There are undeniable and inseparable connections we all share with the natural world. Through her wild and wondrous forms and endless cycles of creation and destruction, nature mirrors both the fragility and nobility of our very existence.

With each passing year, my experiences of nature become more astonishing and more revealing, showing me more of what I have forgotten about myself and my connection to the primordial life force of nature.

As you explore these meditations, suspend your mind’s judgments and allow yourself to simply feel the impact nature’s beauty has on your body. Allow nature’s splendor to open your heart, soften your breath, and relax and heal your nervous system. Feel the raw energy deep inside your body, awakening and animating the primordial pulse of life itself.

I invite you to feel the wonder and awe of what they reveal to you and about you. What does the sheer power and beauty of nature invoke within your mind and heart? What forgotten parts of you are reawakened, and what undeniable longing is stirred within your soul?

This is just the beginning. As you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, allow her to show you your true nature. As you feel this primordial pulse of life force, allow it to heal and harmonize your mind and body, restoring your natural state of being.

If you find yourself seeking a more immersive experience or a deeper connection to your true nature, I also offer private coaching and guided field excursions. Private coaching can help quickly undo the mental or emotional blocks and barriers preventing true health, healing, and harmony in your life.

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